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Frettable is a music technology company that specializes in automatic instrument transcription. Think speech recognition but for music: a musician plays their instrument and near-instantaneously receives sheet music indicating the notes that were performed. Frettable brings advanced artificial intelligence out of the lab and onto mobile devices to empower musicians with quality transcriptions and song writing tools anytime, anywhere.

Remember back to when you started playing an instrument. Maybe you bought a book of your favourite sheet music and taught yourself. Maybe you signed up for private lessons and had a mentor. Maybe you joined a band and learned from friends. At Frettable, we want expert instruction and feedback to be available to all pianists anytime at an affordable price.

If you have taught before, you know that nothing beats the feeling of teaching someone a skill and watching them master it. Do you teach piano to 15 students and wish you could impact 1,000,000? This gig is for you. Have a hand in creating an online digital course that leads amateur pianists through a lesson plan teaching them the fundamentals of their instrument, basic music theory, and how to apply knowledge they have learned at each stage to play arrangements of popular songs in different genres.


We are looking for a motivated piano instructor with excellent communication skills to create course content ranging from how to place your hands on the keys, to common chords, to playing techniques necessary to get started in the Royal Conservatory program. The position will involve the creation of lessons that include text, images, videos, and/or sheet music. Text and sheet music would be created by you, while images and video content would be commissioned by you: in other words, you work with us to get the supplementary images or videos you want in your lesson. The successful candidate will operate as an independent contractor who can work flexibly according to their own schedule.


  • Experience teaching piano to youth and adults
  • Access to and knowledge of score editing software such as Noteflight, Flat, Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, or GuitarPro, etc.
  • Passionate about music
  • Excellent communication skills


  • Create a high-level lesson plan
  • Engage in touchpoint meetings to communicate progress, goals, and any needs
  • Generate digital content for each lesson and deliver in the agreed upon format

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Send your resume and cover letter to info@frettable.com and include the Job ID in the subject line.

Job ID: instructor-2

Posting date: Feb. 4, 2020